New York City Law Firm – Weiss, Buell & Bell

We are very excited to share news of some major developments at Weiss, Buell & Bell. Effective as of March, 2016, we have established two firms, each reflecting our respective areas of concentration. However, we remain in our present offices with the same attorneys and staff as before.

We proudly introduce our new law firms:

Carol L. Buell Law & Mediation, PLLC. Carol will continue her holistic practice offering legal services to individual clients (with a decades-long concentration in assisting LGBTQ individuals and their families) in the areas of estate planning, residential real estate transactions, family law, including prenuptial/domestic partnership agreements for married and unmarried couples, second/step parent adoptions, ART/donor agreements, and assistance with divorce, dissolution and parenting/support agreements using the alternative dispute methods of mediation and collaborative law. Attorney Anthony Lise will continue working with Carol.

Click here to visit Carol’s new website or call 212-967-5710.

The Law Office of Erica Bell, PLLC. Erica will continue her current concentration in Wills and Estates, including all aspects of Estate Planning (advising clients and drafting wills, trusts and related documents), representing executors in Probate proceedings and estate administration, estate tax preparation and all related matters, as well as drafting and reviewing prenuptial and domestic partnership agreements. Erica will continue to serve a diverse array of clients, many of them who have been with her for 20+ years, and will continue her longstanding commitment to working with members of the LGBT community.

Click here to visit Erica’s new website or call 212-233-3146.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the highest quality legal services for many years to come.